HEART Pet Ashes Urn Keychain with Picture Charm, Paw Print Charm and Engraving

$ 50.00

$ 50.00
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A unique style of pet ashes jewelry, the HEART Pet Ashes Urn Keychain with Picture Charm, Paw Print Charm and engraving proclaims the never-ending love and remembrance for a beloved pet via the double heart design cut-outs on the front and back of the urn cylinder.  This cremation urn keychain elegantly and uniquely reflects the memories carried in your heart, while allowing you to keep a portion of treasured pet ashes, pet fur or other momentos close at hand.

A lasting pet remembrance, the personalized HEART Pet Ashes Urn Keychain with Picture Charm, Paw Print Charm and engraving will be cherished fur ever.  It’s perfect for yourself – or as a very thoughtful pet memorial gift to another pet parent who misses a beloved fur baby!

This HEART Pet Ashes Urn Keychain can be transformed into a personalized pet memorial keepsake with options available only on Zelda’s Song!

heart pet ashes keychain urn with picture charm, paw print charm and engraving

Select the style and shape of the picture charm for your pet cremation urn keychain: 

  • Large Round - ⅝” diameter 
  • Large Square - ⅝” diameter 
  • Small Round - ½” diameter
  • Small Square - ½” diameter

At NO CHARGE, select a color vial to replace the clear vial that is included with the pet ashes urn keychain cylinder.  Select from Black, Blue, Neon Pink, Purple, Red or Pink - and see how the unique HEART design on both sides of the exterior cylinder is accented. 

Still at NO CHARGE and optional, add a Paw Print Charm to remember the paw prints on your heart!

Personalize your HEART Pet Ashes Urn Photo Keychain with an engraved Zelda’s Song Heart for only $7 (with free engraving) - and make your lasting memory complete!

Fashioned from high quality pewter, the HEART Pet Ashes Urn Keychain with photo measures 1 7/8” from the bottom to the cap; 2 3/8” from the bottom to the keychain loop.  The color vials are specially powder-coated to last for many years!

The pet cremation urn cylinder comes complete with a clear glass vial and stopper unit, a pewter cap and pin/keyring loop to secure the contents of the urn.  It’s easy to fill and secure the pet urn keychain – instructions are included along with this link to an instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6J_4tVsLT8

Remember - we always send you a proof of how your custom keepsake photo pet urn keychain will look with your photos, and we are happy to make suggestions or answer any questions you have about the final pet ashes keychain.  We want to be sure you are happy with your HEART Pet Ashes Photo Keychain Urn!

Upload your pet photos with your order - or, if it’s easier, complete your order and send your photos via email to Sharon@ZeldasSong.com.  Your order can be completed without uploading the photos - and we always get back to you with a proof so that you can see how your custom pet memorial photo keychain urn will come together to tell the story of your life with your pets.

Being separated from your beloved fur kid is difficult.  Creating a cherished memorial to your beloved pet who is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge keeps them alive in your heart and in your memory.  At Zelda’s Song, we understand that the subject of pet ashes jewelry can be a sensitive one...and in fact, it took us a while to consider offering pet keychain urns to our customers.

But when we came across these well made, hand-crafted keychain urns, we knew they would be a perfect keepsake for pet ashes, and a compliment to all of our own hand-crafted designs.  Only at Zelda’s Song can you personalize a pet keychain urn to reflect the uniqueness of YOUR PET starting with 4 additional unique pet designs including:

All of our designs can be customized with:

  • Photo Charm
  • A color vial
  • Paw Print Charm (Optional)
  • An engraved name.

We understand how hard it is to wait until you see your fur kid again...we have some waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, too!  In the meantime, we’d like to create a meaningful keepsake that will keep their memory close to you in years to come.

Photo Upload FAQ:

If you have any questions about a photo, just proceed with your order and email me the photo at Sharon@ZeldasSong.com. I’ll contact you to be sure I have all of your photos!

Please note: Your photo(s) WILL NOT display in the cart when you checkout!

About Zelda’s Song

Our mission is to create the most beautiful and meaningful custom, personalized pet memorial jewelry in a style that tells the story of your life with your fur kids.  Our styles of pet remembrance photo bracelets, keepsake necklaces with pet pictures, and pet themed jewelry are designed to be customized and personalized with your memories - so every piece is unique and meant to be worn and cherished, for years.

Most important, we don’t consider memorial dog jewelry or memorial cat jewelry to be just for those beloved pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge! Our motto is to “Fetch Joy” - and that means capturing precious pet memories as they happen and keeping them with you always.  What better way to do that than a unique pet themed bracelet or necklace, customized and personalized with engraving or pictures of your pets?  

We are pet people too!  Crazy pet people. And so we understand that when you want to give a gift to another pet parent, it matters that it’s meaningful - and of the best quality!  We specialize in gifts for pet lovers, giving you a choice of pet remembrance photo jewelry, pet themed jewelry that can be personalized with engraving, or fun paw print jewelry designs. 

Our gifts for pet lovers are great for any gift-giving events, such as loss of pet, the adoption of a rescue pet or the arrival of a new pet to the pack! We dedicate the same loving care and attention to each of our custom, handmade pet jewelry pieces, so you have peace of mind that your gift will be remembered and cherished for years!


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Because we confirm the cropping of the photo and the engraving content, we can’t refund or replace the item after you approve it. However, it is possible at times to replace a photo or engraved charm for a nominal fee.

For our Canadian customers - if you experience a product defect, please contact us asap (with a photo if possible) so we can work out a solution.

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