Fetch Joy! Retrieve the Memory.

Zelda's Song Dog Jewelry“Two of Us” by the Beatles is the soundtrack to the life that Zelda, my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, and I shared.  I would sing that as we loaded the car to drive to our favorite place in Massachusetts, where the both of us were free to run like wild dogs through whispering forests and raucous surf.  Zelda would explode with joy within the first couple of notes.

When she left me way too early at the age of 6 from malignant histiocytosis, a breed-related cancer, I was devastated. Searching for a way to mend my heart, I found comfort by keeping her photo and tags with me all the time. The designs for the Leather Cuff Photo Bracelet and Charm Photo Bracelets were created as an easy way to do just that.  

As I refined my designs, I daydreamed about how I would wear my bracelets as I walked with Zelda around town, stopping to let tourists fuss over the very first Bernese Mountain Dog they'd ever seen and patiently answering questions about her. Zelda was a very large, beautiful and well-behaved girl, and I was proud to be her mom.

When my daydream whisped away, I often found myself holding Zelda's special Swiss-made Bernese Mountain Dog collar, wishing she was still here to wear it. It's the traditional holiday collar that she, like all Berners around the world, would wear on special occasions and during parades. I was so proud of her then, too...

....and I thought...if she was still here, I'd make her a special collar to match my bracelets...just so people KNEW we were a pair...

And that was the beginning of the Zelda's Song dog collars, designed to match the leather and the charms of the Zelda's Song Photo Bracelets. Day by day, week by week, month by month, these designs seemed to take on a life of their own - and eventually they pleaded with me to make them a reality. 

At that moment, I realized that the memories of the joy shared with Zelda had quietly crept into my heart to replace the sadness of her loss. And I knew my designs would help other pet parents to "Fetch Joy! Retrieve the Memory".

To think, it all started with a song...

What We Stand For...Berner Garde

In Zelda’s memory I support the efforts of Berner-Garde, the 501(3)(c) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of Bernese Mountain Dogs, as well as other non-profit canine rescue and welfare organizations. Check out Fetch the Cure to find out more.

Made In America

The love and inspiration we share with our dogs and pets is FUR-EVER! We are proud to show that our dogs and other pets hold a special place in our lives and our hearts – equal to, or sometimes greater than some of the other humans we know!

So when it came time to create an emblem of this love – an emblem that could we worn proudly – it was clear that the quality had to be top-shelf. And that led me to Providence, RI, the city that introduced the craft of fine, handmade jewelry to America centuries ago.

Equally as fine is the detail and handcrafting of our leather, manufactured in Auburn, NY by people who have been creating quality dog collars for 60 years!

Heidi of Zelda's Song Dog Jewelry
Heidi - Who Rescued Who?

As many of you can understand, it took quite a while to work through the loss of Zelda. So many people told me that my next dog would find me…and sure enough, it’s true.

Skimming the posts in the Berner community Yahoo group, a rescue listing caught my eye. An adult female, with some minor eye problems, in Ohio (a very long drive).

There was just something about her smile…

So Heidi came to live with us. She is my first rescue Berner, and I am learning the true meaning of “Who Rescued Who”?

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Fetch Joy! Retrieve the Memory.

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