Made with Love in the US

“I take the same picture twice.  First with my heart, then with the camera.”
― Biju Karakkonam, Nature and Wild Life Photographer
dog in pumpkin suit

When a pet parent entrusts us to create a keepsake from a photo, we understand that the image resides first in the heart…

And that it’s our commitment to fashion a befitting tribute to that image, so that those heartfelt memories can be invoked with just a glance at a bracelet, necklace or keychain.  Things that you can carry with you all the time – just like the loving memory etched into the heart.

So, it matters to us that we bring to bear our best talents and capabilities in service of creating that special keepsake.  The love between pet and pet-parent lasts fur ever – so should your keepsake!

From the get-go, we want to be sure that we’ve captured the memory as you’d like to see it.  That’s why we send you a review proof of your custom photo order within 24 hours. 

Even with our brand-new, awesome product builder software, we will confirm the photo cropping and arrangement of charms with you.  We can make suggestions for minor photo corrections, or design recommendations if we think that would make a better keepsake.

Plus, if you don’t have the photos with you at the time you order, or can’t access them – no problem!  Just send the order through and I will contact you for them.  You can email me the photos separately, or text them, or send them via the mail, or I can grab screen shots from Facebook, etc.

I’ll even get on the phone and walk you through the technology if that would make it easy for you.  We know it takes some effort to do this, and we’d like to make it as easy as possible!


Once you approve your piece, I print it on special metal-based photo paper to create a crisp and colorful image.  Then photos and your review design go on to the workshop in Providence, RI to be crafted into a personalized keepsake.

Our jewelry-makers, Sylvia and Cesar, are amazing craftspeople with a long history of creating jewelry for some well-known brands in the business.  Really well-known. But it’s more than experience that makes them great at what they create for our customers…

They are pet parents, too! 

So they understand just how meaningful each order is to the pet parent who comes to us with a request.  They understand the love behind it – and how they can help make it last forever.

(Oh, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention how much we personally enjoy the photos that come our way!  The sweetest, most adorable faces…much loved, for sure!  And sometimes the final piece even takes our breath away.  We know how much people love their pets – we have the pictures to prove it ;).)

pet memorial jewelry

Generally, we ask for about 10 days to complete your order.  It takes some time to hand-finish each of the components in your piece so that they work together to feature your images in the best way possible.  And we use a waterproof resin to protect the photo itself – which requires a few days drying time to set properly.

When the resin is dry, we do a final inspection of the keepsake.  If we have any reservations about the final piece – we will redo the piece and will inform you of any delays.

We absolutely do not send out finished keepsakes that we aren’t happy with.  We just don’t.  Fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often!

Yes, it is all about you and your pet – and we are honored to be a part of preserving the memory of that unique and special bond!