Fetch the Cure

A cancer diagnosis in our beloved pups is just about as devastating as it can get. 1 in 4 dogs with the diagnosis will succumb to the disease, and nearly 50% of the deaths in dogs over the age of 10 are cancer-related.

For specific breeds - like the Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever, Boxer and Greyhound, the incidence of cancer is higher than the general canine population.

Fortunately, there are a number of organizations and foundations dedicated to eradicating the disease.

Because I lost Zelda to a breed-related cancer, I actively support the mission of Berner-Garde to improve the health and life span of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

About Berner-Garde
Berner-Garde Foundation, www.bernergarde.org

Berner-Garde, a 501(c)(3) foundation, was established to collect, maintain and disseminate information about genetic diseases in Bernese Mountain Dogs. The foundation compiles a computerized database from voluntary submissions of data from owners and other public sources. This information is available to all owners, BMD Clubs, veterinarians, researchers and others who working to reduce genetic disease in the breed - including various types of cancer.

Berner-Garde considers funding for specific research proposals on a case-by- case basis.

In addition, Berner-Garde and Michigan State University have established a repository to collect, store and maintain DNA and tissue samples for afflicted and healthy dogs. This source of information is meant to be an additional resource for the investigation of genetic and complex diseases in Bernese Mountain Dogs as well as other dog breeds and humans with similar disorders.

Zelda’s Song and Berner-Garde

To encourage submission of samples to the repository, Berner-Garde sponsors Health Clinics at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America Specialty Show where breeders and owners can bring the dogs by for donations. Donations from “Veteran” dogs - 7+ years - are particularly important for research.

Zelda’s Song is honored to create and donate a special “Veteran” keychain that is given as a thank-you to owners and breeders. Along with the special “Veteran” illustration, the reverse of the keychain is inscribed with Berner- Garde’s motto:

“For the Love of a Berner”.

Zelda’s Song Donations


Zelda's Song is happy to make a gift certificate donation of a Sadie Bangle Bracelet with "Adopt & Paw", "Dog Mom & Paw" or "Rescue Mom & Paw" (let us know if you have a preference) to 501(c)(3) dog welfare or rescue organizations to raise funds. However, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

Sadie Bangle Bracelet with dog charms1. Please submit the request on your 501(c)(3) letterhead

2. Indicate the event date and location

3. Indicate a contact email and mailing address.

Please note that we may publicize the donation on Facebook, and appreciate "likes" or endorsements to our Facebook page.

Zelda’s Song has donated product to help support the fundraising activities of these dog-welfare/rescue organizations:

Bay Area Regional Kennel Club, MI
Bernese Friends Worldwide Rescue, Blue Jay, CA
Bernese Mountain Dog Health Fund
Big Dogs Huge Cause, Denver, Colorado
Connecticut Humane Society
Don McVay Sr Memorial Hunt, Gibsonia, PA
Furry Friends Pet Rescue, Hopewell Junction, NY
Gimme Shelter Benefit Animal Welfare Association, Voorhees, NJ
Labrador Lifeline
Labapalooza, Love of Labs, Indiana
Mastiffs to Mutts Rescue, Chambersburg, PA
Milwaukee Pug Fest, Milwaukee, WI
Newfarama, Indiana
NMDOG, New Mexico
Paws for a Cause, Tower City, PA
Paws’n Effect, Hamden, CT
Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, West Palm Beach, FL
Pet Protectors, Fairfield, CT
Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society, Springfield, MA
Pixie the Throwaway Puppy, North Little Rock, AR
Puppy Up! 2 Million Dogs, Little Rock, AR
Rottie Empire Rescue, Schnectady, NY
St. Tammy Humane Society, Covington, LA
Tailwaggers 4-H Club, Green Bay, WI
The Grand Strand Humane Society, Myrtle Beach, SC
Three Rivers Greyhounds, Harrison City, PA
Vizsla Club of Southern California
Wisconsin Rottweiler Rescue, Madison, Wisconsin
Wolf Spirit Sled Dog Rescue, Stuart, VA
Yorkie911 Rescue, North Babylon, NY