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Find pet urn keychains with unique designs at Zelda’s Song. Our keychain urns for pets are the perfect pet memorial of your beloved fur kid who is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge! Our collection of pet urn keychains include dog keychains and a cat keychain - plus designs for any type of beloved pet’s ashes.

Zelda’s Song has introduced a new way to create your own personalized pet cremation keychain - add a picture charm! Photo charms are available in large and small sizes, in round or square shapes. With pet cremation keychains from Zelda’s Song, you have your choice of vial color, engraving and optional photo charm.

Our pet memorial keychains for ashes are easy to assemble and include a link to our YouTube guide if you have any questions. Browse our selection of pet urn keychains below.

10 products found in Pet Cremation Urn Keychains

DOG BONE Pet Ashes Urn Keychain With Picture Charm, Paw Print Charm and Engraving

  • From $ 55.00

CAT Pet Ashes Urn Keychain with Picture Charm, Paw Print Charm and Engraving

  • From $ 55.00

HEART Pet Ashes Urn Keychain with Picture Charm, Paw Print Charm and Engraving

  • From $ 55.00

LOVE Pet Ashes Keychain with Photo Charm, Paw Print and Engraving

  • From $ 55.00

PAW PRINT Pet Ashes Urn Keychain with Picture Charm, Paw Print Charm and Engraving

  • From $ 55.00

Pet Cremation Urn Keychain Dog Bone Paw Print Charm

  • $ 50.00

Pet Ashes Urn Keychain Cat Personalized Pet Memorial

  • $ 50.00

Pet Ashes Urn Keychain Heart Paw Print Charm

  • $ 50.00

Pet Cremation Urn Keychain LOVE with Paw Print Charm and Personalization

  • $ 50.00

Pet Cremation Urn Keychain Paw Print and Paw Print Charm

  • $ 50.00

Remember Your Beloved Pet With a Pet Urn Keychain

Pet urn keychains are the perfect way to memorialize a dearly departed cat or dog. With their loving dispositions, pets provide an exceptional level of companionship. Whether it's long walks on the beach or cozy cuddles on the couch, all of us have favorite memories of our pets.

Keychain Urns to Keep Your Pet's Memory Alive

Losing a beloved cat or dog makes each memory precious, and we all want to hold on to those moments that mean so much to us. The loss of a pet leaves a hole in every owner's heart that's impossible to fill. But you can carry those sweet memories with you. Pet cremation keychains give you a way to keep your pet's memory alive.

Pet Cremation Keychains for Cats and Dogs

Whether it's you, a family member or a friend, anyone who has lost a pet will appreciate a pet urn keychain to commemorate their beloved companion. Zelda's Song offers several styles of pet memorial keychains for ashes. Each features a:

  • Small vial for ashes, in your choice of color
  • Paw print charm
  • Photo of your furbaby (optional)

You can also add an engravable heart charm. Show how much you care with keychain urns for pets.

Pet Memorial Jewelry of All Types

At Zelda's Song, we offer more than pet urn keychains. We provide several options so you can remember your pet in your own unique style. Our collection includes:

Watch This Pet Cremation Keychain Video

Our pet urn keychains are easy to assemble. Fill the urn with a small portion of pet ashes, fur trimmings, petals from memorial flowers, sand from a favorite beach or whatever you'd like to use to memorialize your pet. And a few simple steps later, your urn keychain will be complete.

Our easy-to-follow YouTube video provides all the instructions you need to fill the urns on our pet cremation keychains. Simply view the video, and you'll have all the info necessary to complete your pet urn keychain. We make it easy for you to commemorate your pet so you can always carry a reminder of your furbaby with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Urn Keychains

At Zelda's Song, we're proud of the high-quality pet urn keychains we offer. We understand your love for your pet and provide the perfect way to memorialize them.

What Size and Style Options Are Available for the Photo Charm?

The photo charms are available in round and square styles. The large charm is 5/8 inches, and the small is half an inch.

What Color of Vials Are Available with the Pet Urn Keychains?

The vials for our pet urn keychains are available in black, blue, pink, purple, neon pink and red.

When Will My Pet Cremation Keychain Ship?

Before we do anything else, we send a final review proof for all photo jewelry orders within 24 hours so that the customer can see how the photo looks — we're happy to make adjustments if needed. We don't proceed until we get the customer's OK. We generally take about 10 days to complete a piece and then ship it out via Priority Mail from the U.S. Postal Service.

Order Your Pet Urn Keychain From Zelda's Song Today

Nothing can replace a beloved cat or dog that's passed away. But you can carry them with you forever with a pet urn keychain from Zelda's Song. With the perfect-sized urn, a sweet photo charm and an optional engravable heart charm, each keychain offers a stylish way to memorialize your pet. Purchase yours today.