Custom Photo and Custom Charm Bangle Bracelets & Link Bracelets in Rhodium Plating

14 products

Pet memorial jewelry combining sparkling rhodium plating, your pet's photos, and your selection of...

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Custom Photo Charm and Custom Pet Charm Wire Bangle Bracelets

18 products

Sadie Custom Photo Charm Bangle Bracelets are the perfect pet memorial wire bangle bracelets because...

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Gifts for Pet Lovers

33 products

A selection of unique and meaningful gifts for a range of budgets that Dog...

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Jewelry for Dog Lovers Collection - Paw Print Jewelry

32 products

Unique paw print jewelry, bracelets and necklaces - no photo required!  Some of our...

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Leather Photo Bracelets & Extras Pet Memorial Jewelry Collection

27 products

Pet memorial jewelry in full color, vivid photos!  Imagine - taking a peek down...

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Maggie & Sadie Bracelet Charms & Extras

31 products

Say it with charms!  Here's where you can find the exact way to tell...

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Matching Leather Dog Collar & Bracelet with Leashes Collection

4 products

Our matching leather dog collars coordinate with your Leather Photo Bracelet – or your...

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NEW Pet Jewelry Arrivals at Zelda's Song!

10 products

Here's where you will find all of our new creations - everything from pet...

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Paw Prints and Bones Heart Jewelry

5 products

A unique collection of dog memorial jewelry and dog-themed jewelry, the Paw Prints and...

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Pet Cremation Urn Keychain

10 products

Pet cremation urn keychains with unique designs that can be personalized into a custom...

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Photo Charm Bracelet Collection

54 products

The Photo Charm Bracelet Collection is a selection of dog charm bracelet styles created...

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Photo Keychains

3 products

Photo keychain styles with paw print charm - personalized with your pet's photo and...

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Photo Necklaces and Pendants

6 products

This collection of dog necklaces includes personalized photo necklaces and photo pendants - some...

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Zelda's Song Gift Cards

1 product

  The gift of a special memory will be cherished fur-ever!  No photo? No...

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