Shipping Policies

We use Priority Mail from the U.S. Post Office in order to track your shipment.  Generally, Priority Mail takes 2-3 days to deliver to destinations in the U.S - very occasionally, it may take 4 days.  At check out, you also have the option of using Priority Mail Express.  In either case, the shipping costs are clearly shown.  If you have another preference, please contact me.

Please note, once the USPS has your package we cannot be responsible for deliveries that may be misdirected or stolen.  Consequently, it is important that you give us a "deliverable" address - more than a PO Box.  If the USPS cannot verify your address within our system, we will request another address.  If we are unable to get a verified address, we cannot be responsible for delivery.

When we create your shipping label, our website will send an email with a tracking link so you can tell when to expect your package.  

As indicated on our website, custom photo orders may take between 10-14 days to fulfill.  If we experience any delays outside of that, we will inform you.  Non-customized orders are sent within 5 business days if not sooner.

Any questions, please contact me at  Thanks for your order!