Pet Cremation Keychain Urns and the Rainbow Bridge - Never Forget that Face

At one time in my life, the story of the Rainbow Bridge seemed like more of a fairy tale than a reality. 

But that was before this huge, slobbering hulk of a goofy Newfoundland named Molly came to live with me.  Molly was a ton of pure love and devotion, crammed into a 120 pound body wrapped in thick, silky black fur.  We became inseparable in a way that never happened with any of my previous cats – although I loved my kit-cats just as much.

rainbow bridge

When Molly passed from this world, my heart shattered in ways I didn’t know were possible.

I wasn’t very good at loss, and pretty much the same thing happened with my beloved Berner Casey.  Two dogs, two different lifetimes gone by.

And then there was Zelda.  Larger than life and my constant companion, it made no sense that she was taken from me so soon.  We had more living to do!  In spite of the devastating grief, I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was still with me in some way – and just as unhappy about being apart.

Heidi, my dear little rescue Berner, came to me nearly blind.  When she succumbed to lung cancer after a courageous 3 year battle, all I could do is pray that the pack-mates she never met in this life, Molly, Casey and Zelda, were there to take care of her.

Well, as you know, I went on to create the photo jewelry designs for Zelda’s Song to memorialize the love and joy of life with Zelda.  But the loss was still too painful – and as popular as I knew they were – I steadfastly refused to consider adding pet ash keychain urns or urn necklaces to the product line.

I can’t say exactly when I got the memo about the Rainbow Bridge.  Maybe it was after hearing the stories of so many customers who knew in their hearts they would pick up again with a beloved pet at the Rainbow Bridge.  Maybe it was because Zelda always seemed to be close-by, as if she was trying to tell me something.

There is more to the life we’ve shared in love and joy with our pups and pets.  It’s just that it happens in another place – a place that’s as real as this place but lasts forever.  And the entrance to that place is the Rainbow Bridge.

Crazy – right?

pet ashes keychain urn

Anyway, I did find these pet cremation keychain urns that I thought were right for Zelda’s Song.  And now, true to what we represent, we’ve added photo charms to the engraved Zelda’s Song heart. 

Just so you never forget that face you’ll be looking for at the Rainbow Bridge…

Now available – Zelda’s Song Pet Cremation Urn Keychains personalized with engraving and your choice of round or square photo charms, in large or small sizes, and your choice of vial color.  Check out our collection and amazing choices you’ll find to craft your own memory to cherish fur ever!