How Does It Work?

Using your digital or paper photo, the Zelda’s Song designer imports your personal photo into photographic editing software to frame your dog especially for the piece, and then prints the image of your dog to fit the exact size of your jewelry.

Will My Photos Upload?

There is a 10MB size limit on any one photo that you care to upload. Don’t worry - 99.9% of the photos we receive rarely exceed 2 -3 MB, including cell phone photos and digital camera photos.

To get geeky about it, there is a 2048 x 2048 pixel restriction as well. Some cell phones may exceed this limit - but it is rare.

If you have any questions about a photo, just proceed with your order and email me the photo at  I’ll contact you to be sure I have all of your photos!

Please note - your uploaded photos WILL NOT display in the cart when you checkout, but I will receive them with your order.

How Do I Know How it Will Look?

After you place your order, the Zelda’s Song designer will contact you via email with an approval photo before we proceed.

Want to know before you buy? We are happy to do that too - just contact us at or 203.292.3845.

How Long Does It Take?

After you approve the photo, the image is printed on a special “metal paper” - anodized aluminum that creates a very crisp and sharp image, nearly luminescent. After that, a deep coat of clear resin is applied to the piece to preserve and waterproof the photo.

Generally, we complete your order within 2 weeks after photo approval. However, because the resin process is sometimes more of an art than science, if we aren’t happy with the outcome we do it again. That rarely happens - but your special piece is hand-crafted from start to finish - and we want to make sure it’s perfect.

We will contact you via email when your item ships from Zelda’s Song, along with a tracking number.

What if I have a Problem?

If there is a defect in the product or crafting, we will fix or replace the item or refund your money. Since we ask for approval on the photo and engraving, we cannot replace those without a minimal charge.

Is Zelda's Song Just for Dog Photos?

Oh no!  We have done beautiful bracelets and keychains for all types of beloved pets - cats, horses, fish, bunnies, pigs, birds...we even include people if you like!  Take a look at some of our featured pets!

Questions or Special Requests: Just contact us at !