Daisy Custom Photo Bracelet with Pet Charms Pet Memorial Jewelry

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$ 55.00
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A sparkling pet memorial bracelet – or just a way to remind yourself of your fur babies waiting for you at home, the rhodium plated Daisy Pet Charm Photo Bracelet is designed to be customized to speak to the life and love shared with your dog, cat or pet.

We cherish the time we have with our pets – the joy is special because the love is so unconditional.  It’s a conversation beyond words that speaks directly from heart to heart. 

 With the Daisy Pet Charm Photo Bracelet, photo charms capture and keep treasured memories of shared moments forever – and, allow you to take those memories with you wherever you go, fashionably!  The sparkling rhodium plated pet charms compliment your photos with sparkle, and the pet-themed symbols or expressions add terms of endearment specific to your pet.

Together, the glittering photo charms and pet charms of the Daisy Pet Charm Photo Bracelet create a unique and very meaningful piece, to be cherished fur ever!

The Daisy Custom Pet Charm Photo Bracelet uses a delicately-proportioned link chain as the backdrop to present the story of your pet.  Available in 3 different lengths, the Daisy Photo Bracelet can be adjusted further to the exact fit you desire.  With a lobster claw clasp on one end, and an attractive finishing sphere on the other, the Daisy Photo Bracelet can be closed using any link you choose.

Like the Chloe Custom Pet Charm Bangle Photo Bracelet, the Daisy Photo Bracelet is clad in brilliant rhodium, a precious metal with a whiter-than-silver radiance that is more expensive than gold on a per-ounce basis.  Often used to accent the clarity and color of diamonds, rhodium is treasured for its unique brightness – and it is tarnish resistant.

The dazzling Daisy Custom Pet Charm Photo Bracelet is the perfect way to accent and preserve your precious memories of your pet!

Start by selecting the photo charms to hold your favorite fur baby photos – available in four different rhodium-clad pet picture charms:

pet picture charm photo charm pet memorial photo charm

  • Large Round Photo Charm
  • Small Round Photo Charm,
  • Large Square Photo Charm
  • Small Square Photo Charm.

All Large Round photos are ¾”; All Small Round photos are ½”.

Every photo is preserved under a layer of waterproof resin in the picture charm for protection.

Add to the story of your pet by accenting your photo charms with a selection of rhodium-clad pet charms and dog charms.  Select from eight different charms:

pet themed charms photo charms pet memorial jewelry

  • Adopt Pet Charm
  • Dog Bone Pet Charm
  • Dog Mom Pet Charm
  • Fur Ever Pet Charm
  • Heart Dog Pet Charm
  • Love Pet Charm
  • Paw Print Pet Charm
  • Woof Pet Charm

 Heart Charms measure 3/4" wide by 7/8" long.  The Paw Print Charm measures 13/16" wide by 3/4".  The Dog Bone Charm measures 3/4” in diameter.

Included in the Daisy Custom Pet Charm Photo Bracelet is a link chain bracelet, one photo charm and one pet charm of your choice:

That’s just for starters!  Why not personalize your Daisy Pet Charm Photo Bracelet to your exact taste by adding rhodium-clad photo charms for $20 each and pet charms for $15 each –there’s plenty of room on the Daisy Pet Charm Photo Bracelet to include all of your fur kids!

True to our mission of celebrating the life we share with our pets, we’ve made it easy to add photo charms and pet charms to the Daisy Pet Charm Photo Bracelet as you add fur kids to your heart.  Just order additional charms at our “Chloe & Daisy Sparkling Pet Charm and Photo Charm Extras” section.

Wear the brilliance of your love for your fur kid with a Daisy Custom Pet Charm Photo Bracelet – taking your fondest memories with you in a unique combination of photo charms and pet charms.  There’s always room to add more charms as you add fur kids – or, as you add more memories! 

With the Daisy Custom Pet Charm Photo Bracelet, a smile is only a quick peek away – a glance at your photo bracelet is all you need to remind you of true joy!

Photo Upload FAQ:

There is a 10MB size limit on any one photo that you care to upload. Don’t worry - 99.9% of the photos we receive rarely exceed 2 -3 MB, including cell phone photos and digital camera photos.

To get geeky about it, there is a 2048 x 2048 pixel restriction as well. Some cell phones may exceed this limit - but it is rare.

If you have any questions about a photo, just proceed with your order and email me the photo at Sharon@ZeldasSong.com. I’ll contact you to be sure I have all of your photos!

Please note: Your photo(s) WILL NOT display in the cart when you checkout!


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Because we confirm the cropping of the photo and the engraving content, we can’t refund or replace the item after you approve it. However, it is possible at times to replace a photo or engraved charm for a nominal fee.

For our Canadian customers - if you experience a product defect, please contact us asap (with a photo if possible) so we can work out a solution.

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