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Pet Memorial Gifts – Memorial Jewelry For The Loss of a Pet

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Few events in life are as devastating as the loss of a beloved pet.  Regardless if the pet is a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, or any other furry, feathered or scaled creature, each one’s life becomes forever entwined with our own – so much so that his or her departure, just simply, breaks our hearts into a zillion pieces.

If you’ve experienced this kind of heartbreak, well then you understand exactly how other pet moms and dads feel about the loss of a beloved pet.  Our hearts go out to all pet parents who have lost a pet and we want to reach out to show our empathy and acknowledge the importance of the family fur kid.

What to do?

Pet memorial gifts have been created as a way to honor the love and remember the unique story of a special pet’s life.  Pet remembrance gifts come in many varieties: garden stones, special frames, preserved paw prints or nose prints, etched mementos – and on.  The challenge is to select the item that would have the most meaning for the bereaved pet mom or pet dad.

When I lost my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog Zelda to a breed-related cancer, the hole in my heart was so large and so overwhelming that I could not imagine that any type of pet memorial would be big enough to live up to the story of her life.  But then, I found myself carrying her collar and photos with me all time…and wondering how I could wear her photo…which led me to create jewelry to remember your dog…and name it Zelda’s Song!

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Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Pet

Jewelry has always played a unique part in history.  While a ring, bracelet, necklace or brooch may be fashioned from a precious metal with gems, often its true value is symbolic.  It may have a meaning or significance to the person who wears it - and, it may communicate that significance to those who see it.  In either situation, it connects the person wearing the jewelry to a larger meaning.

Ipet at homet’s the same with memorial jewelry for the loss of a pet.  Pet memorial jewelry created and worn to honor the passing of a pet declares the love and pride that a pet mom or pet dad has in sharing a lifetime of memories with a beloved pet – memories that will last forever!  And unlike other types of pet memorials, pet memorial jewelry goes with a pet mom or pet dad wherever they go.  It’s a reminder about a beloved pet that’s almost as good as having him or her by your side or waiting at home.

Honoring the love and importance of a fur kid in a meaningful, unique and personal way is the reason why jewelry is the top choice to consider as pet memorial gifts.

How to Select the Right Pet Memorial Gifts in Jewelry

Not sure about how to start when selecting jewelry as pet remembrance gifts?  Don’t let that stop you!  Just think about how much your kindness and generosity in giving a pet memorial gift will be remembered by a bereaved pet mom or pet dad!

One of the considerations when considering pet memorial gifts is personalization – is it possible to create personalized pet remembrance gifts, and additionally, how easy is it to do?

Personalization Speaks from the Heart

At Zelda’s Song, we aim to make it easy to create personalized pet memorial gifts – because they speak so directly to the pet mom or pet dad about the importance of preserving the memory of a certain beloved pet.  Plus, it shows just how much you recognize the special relationship between your recipient and that special pet…and who knows, maybe you had an affection for that pet as well!

We offer several options for personalizing memorial jewelry for loss of a pet with photos.

 One Photo and Engraving

From the beginning, our design philosophy has been to create the pet memorial jewelry piece around the photo that calls to mind a special moment shared with a beloved pet.  To make it even more personal, on many styles we’ve included the option to engrave the name of the pet.

pet memorial photo giftsOur best selling styles that offer both a photo charm and engraving include the Leather Cuff Photo Bracelet, the Zoe Photo Pendant Necklace, the Sadie Photo Bangle Bracelets and the Custom Photo Keychain (the perfect gift for Dog Dads!).

More Photos and Engraving or Optional Engraving

But what if you have more than one photo you’d like to include in creating the perfect pet memorial gift?

We have styles to do that – take a look at our Maggie Photo Charm Bracelet, the Molly Leather Photo Charm Bracelet, the Rosie Photo Necklace and Dog ID tag  and the Double Dog Double Sided Keychain. All of these styles include the option of personalization with an engraved name.

Rather just stay with photos to create memorial jewelry for loss of a pet? Try our sparkling, rhodium-clad Daisy Photo Charm Bracelet, or Chloe Photo Bangle Bracelet – and include multiple photos of a beloved fur kid or fur kids.

pet memorial photo jewelryQuick Tip About Photos:

It might seem unlikely that you may have a photo to use in a pet memorial gift. Not to worry! We can take a screen shot of a pet from any social media post and work with it to make it look amazing in the photo jewelry to remember your dog or other pet.

And – our photos often include a person with the pet. What a beautiful memory for your recipient to have a photo of themselves with their beloved pet sharing a moment!

More Options for Pet Memorial Gift Personalization with Engraving

paw print cuff leather braceletSo, if you don’t have a photo of the pet, there’s still another option for you to personalize your pet memorial gift by engraving the pet’s name. Our Paw Print Cuff Bracelet features a paw print medallion with a Zelda’s Song Heart charm for the engraved name.

In addition, we offer a Dog ID Tag created to prominently feature a pet’s name on one side, with the phrase “Always in My Heart” stamped on the reverse. Wear it alone or combine it with any of our photo or non-photo necklaces.

Customizable Paw Print Jewelry Sets

When we were creating our first pet memorial jewelry designs, we tried to think of all the ways a pet mom or pet dad could customize a design with their own, personal momento. Looking at our own collections of personal items that we’d kept to remember our own fur kids, it dawned on us that we’d all kept our doggos’ license tags.

paw print jewelry sets with dog tagMaybe because each tag - shaped, colored, numbered and dated uniquely brought back special memories of events year by year. Graduation from puppy school…first time at the beach…first time with an injury cone…new couch chewed to bits…and so on. Together, the tags told of the milestones passed in the unfolding of a loving, shared life together.

We were certain that other dog moms felt the same way, and so we knew we had to come up with a design for jewelry to remember your dog that incorporated dog tags.

That’s exactly what we’ve done with the Love Paw Print Jewelry Set and the Paw Print Jewelry Set. A matching paw print necklace and bracelet jewelry set can be a very thoughtful pet memorial gift on its own. But, when the set is designed especially for customizing with a dog tag or several dog tags, it stands out among pet remembrance gifts as truly unique and meaningful.

Pet Memorial Gifts Made Easy

 All of us at Zelda’s Song recognize that most probably, a very sad loss prompted a customer to contact us for pet remembrance gifts. So, we dedicate ourselves to making the process easy – from selection to delivery. We can help with photos, style selections, sizing – and even gift wrapping if needed! Plus, we offer unique, meaningful pet-themed photo jewelry and jewelry to meet any budget.

Just contact us at and let us know how we can help create memorial jewelry for loss of pet that will be cherished forever!