Animal Rescue Volunteers and the Relentless, Love-Driven Pursuit of a Better Life for Others

I have several friends who volunteer at animal rescue shelters.  I’ve always admired the tireless dedication of the many volunteers who give of themselves to better the life of dogs and cats who are, temporarily, without a home to call their own.

And I say temporarily, because I see how each individual volunteer gives of herself in a unique way to walk a dog or cat down the path to finding a loving, fur ever home.

The Tail of a Kitty-Whisperer

Take for instance my friend, Dee.  She tends to specialize in cats – maybe because they tend to specialize in her.  Often, she tells me about the ones who arrive at the shelter afraid or cranky or unsociable.  Dee doesn’t blame them for feeling that way.  Many of them come to Dee’s shelter from great distances, and let’s face it, they probably haven’t had the best of experiences with people anyway.

But Dee knows that’s not going to help them find a good home – the right home.

So nearly every day after work, Dee stops by the shelter to check in with her kitties.  And the next day, she’ll recount to us the small victories: a short head-scratch newly permitted by one ornery guy, or a demanding meow for attention from a little snip who refused to leave the furthest perch only a few weeks ago.

Dee is a kitty-whisperer.  It comes from the heart.  Perhaps that’s why it’s so bittersweet for her when one of her kitties leaves for a good home.  Dee coaxes out the love in a kitty’s heart – once trampled down by neglect or inattention – and it’s that love that calls out to the heart of the just the right cat-mom.

I can tell you one thing - Dee’s kitties end up living happily ever after.

Helping the Pet Whisperers

Would that I could do the same thing as Dee in helping shelter pets find a fur ever home.

But, there is another way that Zelda’s Song helps support the mission of cat and dog whisperers in shelters across the country.

So many rescue shelters and organizations rely on silent auctions as one of the ways to raise the funds needed to let people like Dee work her magic.  We are proud to contribute Zelda’s Song bracelets and necklaces to silent auctions to help raise cash.  Read more about our donations on our Fetch the Cure section of our website.

Our Sadie Pet Charm Bracelets are popular with silent auction organizers...

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We can send the Dog Mom & Paw...or the Adopt & Paw...or the Rescue Mom & Paw...

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Can We Help Your Animal Rescue?

So far this year, Zelda’s Song has donated bracelets to these organizations – so if that’s an organization near you – maybe you want to contribute by purchasing one (or another lovely pet themed item!):

  • Colorado Beagle Rescue (Littleton, Colorado)
  • Victory Lap Greyhound Transport (Pittsburgh)
  • Pug Fest (Milwaukee)
  • Big Dogs Huge Paws (Denver)
  • Berner Garde Health Fund (BMDCA)
  • PuppyUp Foundation (Little Rock)
  • Terolyn Horse Rescue (Denver)

Let me know if you’re part of a rescue organization who could benefit from a donation.  Just give me a shout here!